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Children’s Map Exhibition

The 2017 ICC in Washington is proud to host the finals of the ​Barbara Petchenik Children’s World Map Competition, organized by the ICA’s Commission on Cartography and Children. This final round is always a highlight of the ICC, showcasing the winning creations of young artists from more than 30 countries. In celebration of the International Map Year 2015-2016, the theme for the Competition will be “We Love Maps.” Thousands of artists from around the world will submit their imaginative interpretations of this theme to their national competitions, and the winning entries from several age groups from each country will advance to Washington. The drawings are dazzling and colorful creations, and reflect both personal and universal views of maps, of society, and of the world.
The competition serves to enhance cartographic, environmental, and societal awareness among our future generation, and represents an essential bridge between the current and future generations of cartography. This will be the thirteenth exhibit in the history of the competition, founded in 1993 in honor of a former Vice President of the ICA who worked tirelessly to promote the understanding, use, and creation of maps by children. The finals will be judged by an international jury as well as via a public vote; winners in four age groups will be announced and honored at the closing ceremony of the conference.

Find details about participating in this competition by visiting the Submitting to the Children’s Map Competition page.

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