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Updates for Presenters

Update for Presenters in the ICC 2017 Scientific Program from Chair Brewer

First, a reminder—presenters, please register for the conference by February 20 (extended).

As we work on organizing the ICC2 2017 meeting in Washington DC, we have been answering varied questions. I’ve put some of the things we have clarified in this update. I also list when various communications went out in case you missed yours (did it go to a spam or junk folder – search your email inboxes for “”).Katie Kostiuk can resend any email to you that you may have missed (Katie has taken over Tabitha Kasik’s role at Conference Managers as we move to the program preparation phase, and she is your go-to person for details) There are many people working on this conference, so it’s fine if you send email to with a question or problem and Katie, Amanda, Linda, Maeve and others will sort out who is best to answer. They will also forward emails to me, as chair of the scientific program. Lynn Usery is the Director for the entire ICC 2017, so questions specific to the scientific program and presentations are best sent to me (Cindy Brewer) or Conference Managers staff.

Please also see the International Cartographic Association news item at :  ICA supports ICSU’s calls on the government of the United States to rescind the Executive Order “Protecting the Nation from Foreign Terrorist Entry into the United States”

There are two tracks and two presentation formats.

Tracks B and P

Track B submissions are for the refereed Springer Book “Advances in Cartography and GIScience – Selections from the International Cartographic Conference 2017.” Michael Peterson is the book editor. To be in Track B, you submitted a full manuscript in October 2016. Track B is refereed and not all submissions are accepted for refereed publications. Instructions on final manuscript preparations for the book went out to presenting authors in January 17 and 19 emails, and final manuscripts were due to Michael by February 10, 2017. Cartographic journals are also considering Track B manuscripts for invitation to special issues, and those invitation emails will be paced as editors make their choices.

Track P is for the online proceedings. Each paper’s presenting author received reviewer ratings and comments January 16, 2017, but the papers are not further refereed or edited for the proceedings. Many presenters preferred this track, and all Track B submissions that are not accepted for the book or one of the journals are moved to this track (emails clarifying track changes were sent to Track B presenting authors on February 2, 2017). ICC 2017 organizers and ICA executives encourage all Track P presenters to submit a paper to the online proceedings.

Online proceeding paper submissions are optional, and presentations without a proceedings paper will have the submission abstract in the proceedings. These online proceedings paper submissions are due March 1 (extended from mid February), and emails about paper formatting were sent to presenters February 1. Instructions for paper uploads will be emailed in mid February. This collection of proceedings papers will be open to world-wide readership during ICC 2017 and long after the conference, offering an excellent way for participants to disseminate their work. You will need to be registered for and present at the ICC 2017 conference for your paper to be in the book or online proceedings.

There are no other Tracks. All presenters are in B or P. A change from Track B to P does not affect the format acceptance of your presentation. If you were accepted for an oral presentation, it stays as oral regardless of Track. Track B includes both poster and oral presentations. Likewise, Track P includes both poster and oral presentations. The ‘P’ in Track P does not stand for ‘poster’—it stands for ‘proceedings.’



We had about 760 submissions for the conference. Poster format was preferred by 160 presenters. Almost 600 requested an oral presentation format, but we cannot accommodated all of these in the ten concurrent oral presentation sessions across the ICC week, given plenary and other events. Over 100 presenters who selected the oral format were moved to poster format based on reviewer’s ratings and comments. Some of those presentations will be invited back into oral sessions if other oral presenters do not register.

Some authors submitted multiple versions of the same presentation: as both oral and poster format, or as both Track B and P. In these cases, we evaluated the Track B and/or oral format submission, moving that version over to Track P if it was not selected for the book or journal. If an oral presentation request was not accepted for oral format, it was moved to poster. Some authors submitted multiple different presentations, and in those cases we selected the best of the set and moved others by that author to the poster format to allow as many presenters as possible to have oral presentations.

This is a refereed conference with an active review committee (see below), and not all presentations and papers are accepted.


Registration and Invitation

Why is there an earlier registration deadline of February 16, 2017 for presenters? Though accepted, a presentation will not be included in program planning nor combined into sessions with similar talks until the presenter is registered. This process starts February 16. There is some flexibility in this deadline, and we have received requests for extensions from people waiting on awards or organization funding. If you are not going to meet the February 16 deadline to register, please keep in very close communication with the Conference Managers’ staff. Presenters who delay registration may be put in a miscellaneous session of unrelated talks, and oral talks may be moved to poster format so others initially moved to the poster format can be fit back into the oral sessions as they desired. Unregistered presenters will not be rejected from the conference after February 16, but registration delays will mean losing preferred format and session placement.

Hotel reservations are made separately from registering for the conference, so please do that right away since the ICC room block will fill. The $159 USD rate for a room at the Washington Marriott Wardman Park is a low rate that you do not want to miss:

Conference Managers will prepare a letter of invitation for your funding application needs or travel visa application requirements. This letter is requested during the ICC registration process < >. These letters will not be sent to everyone—presenters request them during registration. A February 16 registration gives you 120 days before the conference start. Please don’t delay in making your visa application–we want to see you at the conference.


Review Process

The International Scientific Program Committee is a group of 80 people, composed primarily of chairs and vice chairs of ICA commissions, ICA executives, and specialists on certain topics. Their reviews were completed from late November 2016 into January 2017.

Through November 2016, I made the matches for each submission to three reviewers based on the conference Themes each submitter selected and commission and expertise related to Themes that each reviewer indicated. That was over 2500 combination decisions, so it took a while. Themes are listed here:

Most presentation submissions were evaluated by three review committee members and some by two. Over 95% of submission reviews were completed (thanks reviewers!). Acceptance was based on the reviewers’ ratings on six questions (on relevance, originality, commercial intent, clarity, and presence of results/interpretations and conclusions/recommendations), suitable format, publication, and reviewer comments. A summary of ratings and comments was sent to presenters for all submissions on January 16. Not all reviewers provided comments on each submissions, so it is possible to have received an acceptance email with no comments included (the comments were in purple text in the January 16 emails). All comments were in that email—there is not an additional email with additional reviewer comments on a submitted paper.


Changes to Submitted Information

Once we have the accepted and registered submissions migrated into the program-building software (Cadmium) in mid February, all presenters will be able to update their content. They will be able to correct abstracts, keywords, affiliations, and biographical information. They will be prompted to upload the proceedings paper and later on they may upload a PDF of their poster or presentation slides. These options will all be optional.

Presenters will also be able to add or remove coauthors or change the designated presenting author as needed within the program software.


Concluding Comments

As a tip on ICC terminology, “Scientific Program means the oral presentations and posters that are organized into conference sessions and the associated papers in proceedings, books, and journal special issues associated with ICC 2017. There are many other aspects of our large international conference—such as exhibitors, sponsors, business meetings, keynotes, preconference workshops, tours, celebrations—and those all have leaders among the larger U.S. organizing committee – please see

I hope this update doesn’t create more questions than I have attempted to answer. I felt others may benefit from the clarifications being requested by some presenters.




This update page was written on February 14, 2017, by Dr. Cynthia A. Brewer, chair of the ICC 2017 International Scientific Program Committee, and is intended to inform people presenting posters and oral papers at the 28th International Cartographic Conference in Washington D.C., July 2-7, 2017.


Acceptance of a paper in ICA-sponsored events is a reflection of scientific merit and not a reflection of any political recognition. In terms of operating principles, ICA abides by United Nations recommendations on membership and freedom of scientific enquiry, and the ICSU declaration on the universality of science.